Tuesday, May 25, 2010

USGP 2012 in Austin!

Finally, an American Grand Prix. Look for the Tamerlane's Thoughts hospitality tent at the race in two years. Free Mongolian food buffet and all you can drink Johnnie Walker!

Remind me to tell you about my day in 100+ degree weather in Austin wearing a heavy black suit driving a black on black Lincoln Town Car.


F1Outsider said...

After my initial excitement, I'm now in a wait and see attitude. From the looks of it, they have just about 2 years to purchase land and build. I would think the price of any land large enough for a circuit around Austin has just skyrocketed. Then they actually have to build a circuit. Texas is rich, but not exactly Abu Dhabi.

kashgar216 said...

I agree. Austin just came out of nowhere. I have my fingers crossed.

Any predictions for this weekend, F1O? Will Massa be back? Or will it be another RBR 1-2?

F1Outsider said...

Under normal conditions, I don't see anyone beating the Red Bulls.

Massa needs to start beating Alonso in qualifying. Turkey is his best chance so far. It'll be tough since he's been struggling on the hard tires, which is the compound Bridgestone is using in Turkey.

But if he can do it there, he can build momentum and grow, much like what Webber has done.

John L said...

Webber's on a roll - I hope.