Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jerry Brown's cars

I miss election season.  Fortunately, it is about to start here in California.  So who is going to replace Arnold as our governor?  Well, it looks like it will either be former governor (and former Oakland mayor and current California Attorney General) Jerry Brown or former Ebay head Meg "I supported Barbara Boxer but am now endorsed by Dick Cheney, and oh, by the way, I neglected to vote for decades" Whitman.

Brown is an interesting guy.  When he came into office as governor in 1975, he saved money by eschewing the governor's mansion and moved into a small apartment.  He refused to use a limousine, riding instead in two blue 1974 Plymouth Satellites (one for Southern California, one for Northern California.)  Here, he is reminiscing about the car's bench seat and his then girlfriend Linda Ronstadt.

His newer car, a Toyota Camry Hybrid, made news recently when two of its wheels were stolen outside his Oakland home.

My prediction is that if he wins this November, he will keep his sensible Camry Hybrid as his official car.  We'll see.

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