Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mind Blowing Jenson Button F1 Predictions And Odds

Jenson Button has won 3 out of 4 GPs this season. We are officially living in bizzaro world. Ready for some sheer lunacy?

Here is my post, from 2006, about why Barrichello and Button will win the 2007 constructors title. I guess you can call me a forward thinker.

I'm not a gambling lad but here are some odds pre-season to win it all:
  • Button (post-2008 season but before Honda's withdrawal): 66:1
  • Button (days before Australian GP): 9:1. The only people ahead of Button then were Kimi (4:1), Fernando (9:2), Massa (11:2) and Lewis (11:2). Currently, Button has 31 points and the other four gents mentioned have a combined 17 points.
  • Brawn GP (days before Australian GP): 4:1. The only teams ahead of Brawn then were Ferrari (11:8), McLaren (7:2), and BMW (19:4). Currently, Brawn has 50 points and Ferrari, McLaren, and BMW have a combined 20 points. By the way, Kubica finished 18th today and Heidfeld was 19th.

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