Sunday, April 05, 2009

Heidfeld Continues To Be Best Driver Never To Win

The Malaysia GP was a let down only because it was stopped when the race was barely half over. The good news is that Quick Nick ended up in second place, despite his starting with the heaviest car on the grid.

With his 12th podium finish, Nick is tied with Stefan Johansson for being on the podium 12 times without a single victory. Here are some other stats to compare, courtesy of the good people at F1 Rejects:
  • Most points without a win: Mark Webber 101.5, Heidfeld 204
  • Most fastest laps without a win: Jean-Pierre Jarier/Chris Amon 3, Heidfeld 2
  • Most poles without a win: Chris Amon 5, Heidfeld 1
  • Most entries without a win: Andrea de Cesaris 214, Heidfeld 154
So far, it does not look like the BMWs are competitive. Perhaps with the rear diffuser issue sorted out (or added on), Heidfeld can win his first race.


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