Friday, April 17, 2009

Carspotting (14): Runnels Automotive, South Lake Tahoe

During my stay at Tahoe this week, I noticed for the first time an eclectic automotive collection known as Runnels Automotive. It is a repair/restoration/used car lot at the Tahoe Y (intersection of Highways 50 and 89).

What first caught my eye were the THREE (3!) Merkur XR4Tis facing the sidewalk on the lot. Three Merkurs, next to each other. What are the chances?

What was more shocking came later. I decided to go to the lot this morning at 7am so that no one would bother me. I found three more XR4Tis in the side lot! Six XR4Tis. In. One. Lot.

After I recovered from my Merkur-induced shock, I noticed the other automotive oddities on the lot.

These three Volvos were cool. The red P1800 looked sinister and ready for a brawl. The Amazon wagon wedged between the P1800 and PV was absolutely pedestrian... to three more of these PVs.

I wish this picture turned out better. I sneaked a peek into the garage. An old non-descript car was on the lift but there was another one underneath. A third car was parked in the interior stall to those two cars' left. As I looked in and took the picture, you can see the reflection of a pick-up truck that was parked outside on the window pane.


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