Friday, July 14, 2017

Global Terrorism Database

This is "fun" to play around with.

Let's look at my upcoming trip. In 2016,:
1. 10 killed in Shining Path attack. Target was military transporting election materials.
2. Same day. Shining Path wounded two soldiers on a river patrol boat.
3. Journalist killed by unknown assailants.

1. Shuar Indians attacked and took over a mining camp.
2. A Chinese mining camp was attacked by Shuars. One cop was killed.

-Terrorist incidents by ELN: 66
-by FARC: 5
-by unknown: 11
-by AGC (right-wing paramilitary): 3
-total fatalities: 38

And some random countries. In 2016,:
Three incidents! Incendiary devices thrown into refugee center. 230 year old church set on fire. Nine buses set on fire by Animal Liberation Front.

Two incidents. Unknown assailant threw grenade into police station. Suicide bomber shot by police outside Baku mall(!).

Nine incidents. Abuse victim(s) set fire to church. Five mosques set on fire. Attempted arson of radio station that discussed Islam earlier that day. Man stabbed by ISIS. Another church set on fire.

Man stabbed and killed 19 people at facility for mentally disabled.

Man threw Molotov cocktails into KMT office, demanding KMT return all land and property to Taiwan.

Only five incidents.
1. Eight killed by Uyghurs on hijacked bus.
2. Shelling by Kachin Independence Army in Burma.
3. Shelling by Kachin Independence Army in Burma.
4. Crazy guy stabbed nine elementary school kids.
5. Uyghurs attacked local Communist Party office. Five killed, including three assailants.

17 incidents! No fatalities. 12 were by Mapuche Indian activists. Two by anarchists.

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