Monday, July 03, 2017

Baby's first flight

At almost three months old, we took Junior to Seattle for three days to visit friends. He was great on the flight there and the flight back. Each way lasted approximately two hours.

The biggest issue was the number of luggage we had to lug. 2009 was the last time I checked luggage. For this trip, we brought:

  • roller bag (checked)
  • tote bag that attached to roller bag (checked)
  • car seat base (checked)
  • portable crib (checked)
  • stroller (checked at gate)
  • car seat (checked at gate)
  • diaper bag for me (carry on)
  • diaper bag for her (carry on)
  • purse (carry on)
  • bag holding breastfeeding pillow (carry on)
Ridiculous, right?

We're going to take advantage of my Southwest Companion Pass that expires on December 31 with a few more trips. So maybe we'll get the hang of it.

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