Saturday, August 27, 2016

California counties I have not visited

Tomorrow, I'm going to do a post on my epic one-day road trip to Reno and beyond. I visited Lassen County today, which means I have been to 50 51 of California's 58 counties. I have yet to visit the following:

Alpine (population 1,110) (near Lake Tahoe)
Butte (225,411) (Highway 99 corridor)
Imperial (180,191) (southeast corner of state)
Modoc (8,965) (northeast corner of state)
Plumas (18,409) (Sierra Nevada no-man's land)
Sutter (96,463) (Highway 99 corridor)
Trinity (13,069) (between Redding and Eureka)
Yuba (74,492) (Highway 99 corridor)

CORRECTION: I have been to Imperial County as I spent the night in Salton City.


Unknown said...

You are such a completist! I like those Spanish names in the map... "Mariposa" and "Madera" are my favourites.

Maxichamp said...

@Ripituc: Going to all those counties was just random. I have no desire to visit every county.