Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xinjiang In 1943, According to Life Magazine

The Opposite End of China had a recent piece about a 1943 Life magazine article about Xinjiang, a.k.a. Sinkiang. The pictures that accompanied the article, taken by William Vandivert, are fascinating. Here are some of the varied faces, and a few tourist spots, of East Turkestan.

Uzbek woman

Uyghur woman

Uyghur man

Another Uyghur man

Another Uyghur woman

Russian man

R.O.C. soldiers

Manchu miner

Kirghiz man

Kirghiz woman

Han man

Another Han man

Kazakh woman

Kazakh man

Emin minaret then

Emin minaret now

Heavenly Lake then

Heavenly Lake now


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