Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Mercedes Is Not for Sale

It is always difficult to decide what to read during my customary respite between Xmas and New Years. Leafing through the NYT Book Review, I found the perfect book: My Mercedes Is Not for Sale. The book is about a Dutchman who buys an old Mercedes in Amsterdam and drives it across the Sahara to Burkina Faso, with the goal of selling it. It's got everything I crave: an old Mercedes, an impossible drive through terra incognito, history, geopolitics, madness. Here is his route and some photos from the book's website.

Mauritania 190D with mono-blade

Peugeot 504 in Niger

Ferry between Senegal and Mauritania

Family outing in Mauritania

Wrecked Mercedes in Mauritania

Benin Peugeot


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