Saturday, December 13, 2008

Luna Bars Are for Women?

On long bus trips, I always bring plenty of bottled water and snacks. Specifically, I bring with me a box of fig newtons, a bag of beef jerky, and about two nutrition bars per day of bus riding.

After trying out different kinds of bars: Power Bar, Odwalla's, regular Quaker Oats granola bars, Clif bars, and Luna bars, I finally settled on just one: the Luna bar. On my last trip, I only had Lunas and my favorite was the Chai Tea flavored ones, followed by Lemon Zest.

I just found out that they are meant for women. I never cared to study the label. It does say "The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women." (Emphasis in the original.) And, there are three flexible female silhouettes dancing on the wrapper. Duh.

Nevertheless, I will continue to enjoy them on my next trip. They are that good. I'll just have to check my estrogen level when I get home.


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