Monday, September 22, 2008

Mercedes W116 450SEL 6.9 Wagon

This was supposedly the only wagon officially commissioned by Mercedes-Benz (the rest were converted by Crayford.) It was supposedly given to the head of MBUSA.



Anonymous said...


this Car is very rare.
it is not built from MercedesBenz.
The Coachwork is from Conrad Pollmann Karosseriefabrik/Bremen in Germany. It was built two W116 Estate by Pollmann,both with the wunderfull 6.9 engine.
I am the owner of the original constructions-Drawing from this Car.
The second estate was built with a flat hood.the first had a slight stage over the back seats.

Best wishes
from Hamburg Germany
N. Krueger

Anonymous said...


I will send an original Picture from this Car from 1976,found in a Pollmann/broshure.
Plaese send an e-mail to

Good luck
N. Krueger

Anonymous said...

I took this photo at the Internation M-100 group meet in the US in 2002. The owner of the W116 6.9 Estate wrote an article for the club magazine on the history of the car. I will send you more photos and you can contact the owner, Jon Olson for more info. His web site is

allen stephens
portland, oregon USA

Maxichamp said...

Hi Allen,

Thanks for the great photo. Please let me know what your email is. We would love to see more photos and learn more about this unique car's history!

Anonymous said...

Contact me at allenstephens@verizon dot net