Monday, September 15, 2008

Lancia Thema 8.32, the Other Ferrari Engined Sedan

We all know about the Ferrari engine stuffed inside the current Maserati Quattroporte. What many do not know (or have forgotten) is that the Lancia Thema 8.32 was the first Ferrari engined sedan. The 32 valve V8 from the Ferrari 308 was slotted into a sedate Lancia Thema body, which in turn shared its underpinings with the Saab 9000, the Fiat Croma, and the Alfa Romeo 164. The Thema looked unspectacular but that's what made it the perfect sleeper.

Good looking pictures of the Thema are hard to come by. I scoured the entire internets to find for you these tasteful shots. Trust me, it looks as boring as you think it does.

The official film of the Thema 8.32, made in Italy, perfectly captures the spirit of the Thema. It is overly dramatic, poorly put together, and makes no sense. Enjoy:



Anonymous said...

You have clearly never driven one.

Your loss...

Maxichamp said...

You're right. I have not even seen one in real life!