Friday, September 19, 2008

DeTomaso Deauville: The Bronze Medal Winner

So who dared to compete with Maserati's Quattroporte and ISO's voluptuous Fidia? DeTomaso.

The Deauville was DeTomaso's answer to the question few asked-- Who would waste money developing a low volume, highly undesirable car in a small, saturated market?

Though it may superficially look similar to an ISO Fidia, the Deauville just looked off. It used the same 351 Cleveland V8 found in the Pantera and had two fuel tanks capable of holding a whopping 31.8 gallons. Despite a 17 year run, barely 200 were made. DeTomaso's fans will say it's because of poor marketing and a lackluster dealer network. I say they're kidding themselves.

That "4 porte" banner has got to be a copyright infringement.

It is THAT heavy.


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