Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Working at the Waffle House

The co-founder of Waffle House recently passed away. A few thoughts:

  • This is a Southern institution. There is one along the way between the Naples, Florida, airport (RSW) and my in-laws' condo on Marco Island. My wife's family ate there when she was a kid as a treat during their road trips. I can't wait to introduce it to our boy!
  • Who is this Barry Tanaka?! He must have an interesting story to tell.
  • This host "working" at Waffle House reminds me of my tenure at Arby's (an American fast food chain). More often than not, Latinos and African-Americans are working hard, away from the cash register, doing the grunt work of cooking and cleaning. In the meantime, whites (and sometimes Asians) are up front, not working as hard, manning the cash registers.

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