Sunday, November 13, 2016

No more Anti-Football Runs

The annual January 1 event is no more. I will miss it not only because of the cars, but it was a great way to hit reset with life, act as navigator, and shoot the shit about everything for hours on end.


Old Bristol.

In a Citroen XM. I think PS was telling us about some peacenik Cold War room exchange program.


In a Porsche 930.

Taking a break and watching the cars zoom by.


In a 1981 Honda Accord.

Alfa Romeo diesel van.


I rode in this M5.


Rode in this GTV6.


I can't remember if I attended. I did ride in a modified E9 BMW at some point.


I believe this was my first.

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Richard Chen said...

Surely there will be another event. Nice throwback pics!