Thursday, November 10, 2016

Life goes on

I think I'm in a better place now.

From a big picture point of view, every great civilization must come to an end. I was lucky enough to live in the U.S. in the 1980s and 1990s and had a great time. And even today, life is not bad.

I'm vowing to live a more positive life. More time with my growing family. More time reading books. More time interacting face-to-face with friends. A lot less time on Twitter. And I'm going to try to not read any news for the next four years. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

I really hope that out of sheer incompetence and laziness, nothing sinister is done by the Trump administration.


steve-vh said...

yes, more books!! I started Weds!!

F1Outsider said...

Here's how I see it:

Democracy is a series of forward steps following by a series of steps back. You just hope that in the aggregate you end up a little closer to the finish line before you pass the baton to the next generation.

I still have faith that the majority of the people who voted for Trump voted for him purely for economical reasons even if their vote was misguided. But I sincerely hope that he addresses their economic woes because when your immediate problem is how you'll be able to put food on the table, pay rent or keep the lights on... Then global warming, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, and black lives are not something you'll really care about.

Maybe I'm just being naive.

But yes, life does go on. And for now we still live in a great country.

halifaxf1fan said...

If the Calexit doesn't work feel free to come up here to Canada to escape the Trump regime madness.

Charles Lee said...

Eight years of Obama administration taught me that the executive branch is much less powerful than we think when it comes to everyday matters (i.e., the economy and civil rights). Let's hope the Trump administration is the same.

However, Trump's election has also emboldened some of the worst people in America, who now feel justified to act out their racist and bigoted ways rather than hiding in the shadow. This is likely to have the largest impact on the average (especially non-white) Americans.