Monday, November 07, 2016

Lada Niva on Fifth Gear

I want one! So simple.


@slirt said...

I like(d) Fifth Gear, and only discovered it late in its run.

Ripituc said...

COuld you import one from Canada? They even put them together there, back in the day. And also did some strange pickup versions exclusive to the country.

Tarlan said...

Years ago I was working in big factory construction and all of us been using company SUV's on construction yard, where roads was destroyed by heavy vehicles, cranes, forklifts etc. Our regular SUV' (mostly Hunday Santa Fe or Tucson) gone out of order in first few weeks. So management decided to purchase those nivas as donkey cars for yard only as they don't have airbags which is against company safety rules. So, every morning I traveled to job with normal SUV, then change my close to coveral and hard hat, jump into Niva and run around the construction :) What a piece of junk was that car! Made by Russians with big hammer ;)