Sunday, January 17, 2016

Campaigning in Elko, Nevada

With the wind chill, Waterloo, Iowa, will be 33 degrees below 0 (= -36*C) on Monday morning. I'm going to be buying some serious cold weather clothing, so why not use it again and volunteer for the Nevada caucus on February 20?

The Sanders campaign has a lot of catching up to do in Nevada. Clinton has had an extensive network of offices and paid staff on the ground forever. But he is catching up. An office in Elko, Nevada, just opened. It is remote. It is the largest settlement (18,000 residents) between Reno and Salt Lake City (a 520 mile stretch). And it's cold.

With at least two chain control areas between here and Elko, I may take the train there.

Surprisingly, it is very important politically. Here is Air Force One, with George W. Bush aboard, at the Elko airport.

And here is a young Obama, campaigning in 2008, in Elko.

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Ripituc said...

Hope you can make it. And we'll be waiting for your reports while volunteering for Sanders! Politics, food and cars on the campaign trail