Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bernie can win in Iowa

  • Clinton outspent Sanders by a margin of three-to-one in Iowa.
  • Clinton started airing TV ads in April. Sanders in November.
  • Clinton is the most well-known woman in the world. Most Democrats didn't even know who Sanders was.
And yet, less than three weeks before the Iowa caucus, Clinton and Sanders are tied in Iowa. Clinton still has the organizational advantage and institutional backing of the Democratic machine, but Sanders has a real shot of winning if as many people as possible showed up to caucus.

Here is a great video showing the building momentum among the volunteers.

I wouldn't put it past the Clinton campaign to surreptitiously support voter suppression in order to gain an unfair advantage.

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F1Outsider said...

His domestic policy agenda is great and he'll have my vote in a general election but he'll get pounded by republicans on foreign policy. Republicans play the national security "card" over and over and over in order to distract voters from everyday issues that actually affect us. But the truth is that it works and people on both sides will vote on it as if ISIS were at our door-steps. And because of that I believe Bernie wouldn't win in a national election.