Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 retrospective

The fiscal year is about to come to an end for many, so I thought I would highlight my year, month-by-month, in reverse chronological order:

August: Drove this Aventador in Carmel Valley.

Honorable mention: My first post on The Truth About Cars.

July: Bought a wagon.

June: I rode to the Arctic Ocean in a van.

May: One-year anniversary of my solo law practice!

April: A much-needed vacation along the Mendocino Coast, after working non-stop for almost a year.

March: Visited the Academy of Art's car collection with Russo-phile Zack.

February: Went on a food tour in San Francisco and tried liquid nitrogen ice cream.

January: As always, being rchen's co-pilot at the annual Anti-Football Run.

All in all, a great year. Plus, I still have September, October, November, and December to go!

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