Thursday, September 25, 2014

I need your help, Europeans and Citroen-philes!

We've finally figured out what to do for my 40th. Paris in February. I'm going to check out Retromobile, take in all the fancy showrooms along the Champs Elysees, and eat.

Just north of Paris is the definitive collection of Citroens. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public. And I want to go! Does anyone out there have any contacts with Citroen or PSA Peugeot? If so, kindly leave the contact information in the comment section below or email me privately at milhousevanh at geemail. Merci.

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Sanchez said...

Wow. Would be great if you can make it there.

I think Renault Classic collection is in suburbs of Paris as well.

Also Matra museum is not far.

If you don't find anyone to help you I am pretty sure these museums / collections will have representatives at Retromobile.

Just don't get Paris Syndrome.