Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1988 Ford LTD Crown Vic for sale

Just 70,000 miles. And a six(?!) cylinder. These were the police cars from my high school days. Buggybank ad here.


Ripituc said...

Your mention of police cars made me remember The Naked Gun, because of Leslie Nielsen's LTD there.


Ed Kim said...

I remember those Irvine PD Crown Vics well! I can see the livery in my head...a lot more business-like than today's Irvine cop car graphics.

Maxichamp said...

@Ed: We had a poli sci teacher at Woodbridge who was also a motorcycle cop. He would literally change into uniform after school and start handing out jaywalking tickets.

He had a mustache.

Ed Kim said...

LOL, of course he had a mustache! They all did. A lot of them rocked Oakley blades too to complement those 'staches.