Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ram Promaster ad

So American!

(Ed K.: You drove this, right? How did you like it?)


Ripituc said...

Feels weird for an Italian vehicle.

Ed Kim said...

It's an interesting vehicle to drive. Certainly not refined; it's a commercial vehicle after all. Even the the interior aft of the cabin is completely devoid of trim, there is a cacophony of rattles and creaks back there, but that's OK - it's not meant for catering to refined tastes.

Being a front wheel drive vehicle that was originally meant to offer nothing more than some low-powered four-cylinder diesels, there is some odd torque steer at times with the big 3.6L V6 stuffed into the stubby nose. I'd like to try driving it with a load...I wonder if it would feel odd with lots of weight over the rear axle when the fronts are doing the moving!

Ed (Belgium) said...

More than Italian, it was jointly developed by Fiat and PSA Peugeot-Citroen from France

Ripituc said...

That's true, yet most Ducatos are made in Italy. Although the one sold in the US is built in Mexico.