Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting a grill!

I took a really fun grilling class last weekend. I am finally ready to join male-Americans everywhere and buy a grill. I'm looking at this one. Does it have any faults that I'm not aware of? I'll mostly be grilling for two. I want easy temperature control and easy cleaning.


Alan said...

Gas is cool but it's true what they say: charcoal is where all the flavor is at.

Welcome to the club. If we both start watching football maybe we can count ourselves as real American men.

Christopher Diamond said...

I second a charcoal! Not sure it really meets your requirements.

augie said...

i've had a 3 burner weber for over 10 years, and it's been awesome. i try to keep a spare propane tank on hand, because inevitably they run out while you have a premium piece of meat on the grill.

i agree that charcoal has more flavor, but if you want to throw one burger on for yourself, propane can't be beat.