Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Johann Puch Museum tour

Stephan recently visited the Puch museum in Austria. From Stephan:
"This museum is a privately run place but does get support from Magna Steyr (formerly Steyr Puch). Steyr Puch became famous with the Haflinger and Pinzgauer Offroad models as well as for the Mercedes G models. They also have a great reputation for developing AWD systems for various car manufacturers as well as contract car manufacturing."

Thanks for sharing these photos!

"Opel Omega Wagon: the Cadillac Catera was based on the Omaga, would make for a cool Catera wagon! This particular car was used as a prototype to develop the AWD system for the smaller Opel Vectra. The sign said they stuffed a small block V8 from a Camaro into it and it would do just over 300 km/h"

"Pontiac Aztek: didn’t realize there was an AWD version!"

"VW Gold Country: built for two years only (’90 – ’91), basically a lifted Golf AWD with some cow catchers … this one was way ahead of its time."

"Chrysler 300 Hemi AWD Wagon: not available in the US, where the wagon version was the Dodge Magnum. The AWD system was shared with the Mercedes E class."

"Alfa Romeo 164 4Q AWD: Steyr developed and produced the AWD system for the 164."

"Lincoln Blackwood: a rare sight in the US, who would have thought to see one in Austria?"

"Peugeot RCZ: developed and built by Steyr." 

Aston Martin Rapide body.

Mercedes SLS body.

I had no idea they made Chrysler-Jeeps in Austria. That might explain all those Chrysler products in that one Bourne Identity movie.


Sanchez said...

Museum looks fantastic. Never knew they did RCZ and Aston. One more to the long list of museums to visit in Europe!

Fun fact: Cadillac Escalade and CTS were assembled in Kazakhstan for a short period.

Lukas said...

Bit of trivia: the Holden Commodore also has ties to that Opel, and was also made for a while as a V8, 4WD wagon, called the Adventra. It was meant as a rival to the Ford Territory (itself based off the Australian Ford Falcon), but was a flop.