Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beach bunkers in Albania

I was having lunch with a colleague this week when she told me she vacationed in Albania(!). I vaguely recalled Zach mentioning on his blog that the malevolent dictator there built 700,000 concrete bunkers over the span of four decades. Talk about paranoid.

She shared these photos from the seaside town of Sarande. The bunkers have been converted into cafes. Plus, you can see at least one of the ubiquitous Mercedes W201s in the second picture.


Anonymous said...

Yes!! Albania is awesome. Hoxha ordered the construction of 600k of these bunkers. The idea being that Albanians would retire to these and fight off foreign invasion.

Ripituc said...

Unbelievable. Albania was such a terrible place under communism. I'd love to go there.