Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter driving school

Being a Californian who has driven in the snow just thrice, I am terrified of driving in cold weather.  So this course seems interesting, and informative.


steve-vh said...

Looks pretty normal for here, LOL. That's why I love my Hummer H3! I'm the one passing in the winter, being passed in the summer.

But having a 4 wheel drive doesnt mean you can do anything, the saying is "4wheel drive means stuck further from the road" but thats only idiots.

A good hour in a big iced parking lot will teach you as much.

One really important thing is what they mention about it being the most slippery around 32 degrees, very true. But also when it does get colder, the salt they use no longer melts ice either.

Edvin said...

We just got our first decent snowfall yesterday and I had my first go in my E36 on proper studded winter tires. Needless to say, winter just got a whole more fun.

Peter said...

Mercedes does a fun day of winter driving for Canadians.

I'm still trying to finagle my way into the Porsche equivalent, held annually in Mont Tremblant.