Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finnish Bistro in St. Paul

Here is another great meal I had in the Twin Cities.  Finnish Bistro's traditional Finnish breakfast.  Lox with capers, pickled herring, salami, cheese, tomato, cucumber, scrambled eggs, rye bread.

Photo via Yelp.


Edvin said...

Quite a hefty plate there, more of a meal than any breakfast I'm used to. Most ppl I know don't eat that much for breakfast except maybe on the weekends. It does look very Scandinavian compared to the breakfasts I saw in America. Some of the breakfasts I ate there kept me going all the way till evening. :)

Did you like the herring? It's not my thing.. Even less so is hapansilakka (or surströmming in Swedish) which is fermented herring. You can find plenty of vids on YT of foreigners tasting it and puking. :)

Maxichamp said...

@When I got it, even though everything was thinly sliced, I suspected that these were American portions.

I have not had that much, but I enjoy pickled and smoked whitefish.

I've heard of the Icelandic rotted shark, not fermented herring. I think I can handle it.