Sunday, November 04, 2012

2012 California propositions voter guide

This is the liberal version.  For the conservative version, just vote the opposite way.

My two cents: The proposition system in California is asinine.  Ostensibly, it's meant to be more democratic-- giving voters a direct say in laws.  But that's what the legislature is for, no matter how imperfect it is.  Under the proposition system, a special interest group (or a wealthy benefactor) collects the requisite signatures to get the measure on the ballot, and floods the airwaves with ads containing half-truths.  Well-meaning voters often end up voting against their own interests.  Let's get a proposition on the ballot banning propositions.  (End of rant.)

30: Taxes.  Raises taxes for those earning over $250k and 1/4 cent sales tax increase.  YES

31: State Budget.  Too many issues to list.  Bad idea overall.  NO

32: Political Contributions by Unions.  Prohibits unions from automatically deducting paychecks for political purposes.  Guess who likes this idea?  NO

33: Auto Insurance Rates.  Sponsored by car insurance companies.  NO

34: End Death Penalty.  YES

35: Human Trafficking.  Complicated.  Helps victims, but also gives ammunition to overzealous DAs.  NO ENDORSEMENT

36: 3-Strikes Law.  Life sentence for third strike only if third strike is serious and violent.  YES

37: Genetically Engineered Foods.  Requires labeling of genetically modified foods.  YES

38: Tax to Fund Education.  Raises taxes on the poor.  NO

39: Multistate Business Tax: Requires businesses to pay California income tax.  YES

40: Redistricting.  Republicans don't like the districts already drawn, so they brought forth this proposition.  NO

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