Monday, November 26, 2012

Brazil GP report and photos from F1Outsider

F1Outsider sent the following dispatch.  His qualifying photos can be viewed here and his race photos can be viewed here.

"The weekend was great. The race was phenomenal. 

The circuit is the least fan friendly I've ever been to. You're not allowed to walk around and watch from different parts of the race-track. The grandstands are physically blocked from one another and each has its own separate entrance. That was a big disappointment for me. They also don't open the track after the race, so we couldn't make it over to see the podium ceremonies.

Our seats were decent. The grandstands in the front straight are incredibly close to the track and our seats were on the 2nd row from the bottom so the cars went by less than 20 feet from where we sat. We were seated just before the entrance to the first corner at the 50 meter marker. It's an on-camber then off-camber downhill left. Everyone gets it wrong at some point. We had a great view of the Hulkenberg x Hamilton incident and also of the beautiful Schumacher x Kimi side-by-side battle.

From our seats we looked to our right to see the corner with a clear view since we were in the line of sight where there's an opening for ambulance access, so no fence to block our view of the corner."

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