Friday, January 16, 2009

American Stars Shilling Japanese Cars

Since the ascendancy of the almighty yen in the 1980s, Western movie stars and singers have sold their souls by pitching Japanese products. Thanks to Japander and Youtube, I give you the Top Ten Japanese car ads starring Gaijin stars.

1. Mickey Rourke / Daihatsu Charade. I wonder if he had to wrestle with his conscience on this one.

2. Ray Charles / Honda Civic. Well, at least he's not driving.

3. Tom Berenger / Lark cigarettes. I think Ronin's Nice chase scene was an homage to this ad.

4. Roger Moore / Toyota Corona. Ichi-ban?!

Find it here

5. Jodie Foster / Honda Civic. It should have been a shampoo commercial.

6. Bruce Willis / Subaru Outback. Shave ice fan.

7. Jennifer Lopez / Subaru Legacy. A story, a song, a car.

8. Eddie Murphy / Toyota Celica. Glamourous styling?!

9. Jean Reno / Honda Orthia. Is he speaking Japanese, English, or French?

Find it here.

10. Charlize Theron / Honda. She's purty...


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