Friday, September 26, 2008

2008 Election Media Pundit All-Stars

I wasn't always a political junkie. Before the primaries, I had never watched more than a minute of Hardball. But with the Hillary-Obama race and now with the Palin train wreck, I am certifiably hooked. So who do I like on the boob tube?

1. Chuck Todd. No one can deny the Rain Man-like number crunching abilities of the Chuck or his nice-guy-you'd-like-to-hang-out-with-and-ask-to-check-your-mailbox-when-you're-on-your-trip charm. He did the math and declared the race over for Hillary back in February. Everyone ignored him and kept describing the race as much closer than it actually was, thus weakening Obama's stance in the general election.

There's even an uber-fan club dedicated to him called Viva Chuck Todd. This guy was hand-picked by the late Tim Russert to join the NBC news division. Thank you, Tim.

2. Howard Fineman. The guy from Newsweek (but is constantly on MSNBC) has his ear to the ground. His little black book of sources must be the size of the Manhattan phone book. The inside information he gets before anyone else, and his succint and prescient analysis of each act or omission by the candidates, are truly breath-taking.

3. Jack Cafferty. The consumate curmudgeon has been a beacon of light in the black hole of soullessness and intellectual curiosity that is CNN. A fixture on the Situation Room with the too-neutral Wolf Blitzer, Cafferty has called out stupidity, hypocrisy, and outright dishonesty on the part of the left and the right.

4. Andrew Sullivan. He is one of the few honorable and intelligent conservatives out there. A true fan of Thatcher and Reagan, he understands that this election is not about right/left ideology, but about the fate of this world's future. He is a good person who wants a good person as our President. Oh, and he just happens to run one of the most visited political blogs out there, The Daily Dish.


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