Wednesday, September 03, 2008

10 Days, 10 Formula One Sponsors (Day 6)

In high school, I purposely avoided filling up at the local Shell station because of the whole apartheid issue. Since then, I've only gone there when absolutely necessary, i.e. I'm in the middle of nowhere and need gas immediately.

For this segment of my series, I filled up my tank at the local Shell station. Shell, of course, is a big Scuderia Ferrari sponsor. I personally find all gasoline to be the same, so I really can't rank or rate the product. I will, however, rate Kimi. He is very talented but does not have his heart in racing anymore. It's a shame, as he has just as good of a shot at winning the championship this season as anyone else. But then again, no one expected him to win it all last year, even at the start of the Brazil GP.

Day 1, Kingfisher beer, Force India, 8/10
Day 2, Intel chip, BMW Sauber, no rating
Day 3, Mercedes-Benz C300, McLaren Mercedes, 3/10
Day 4, ING Direct savings account, Renault, 6/10
Day 5, Panasonic KX-TG2352, Toyota, 4/10
Day 6, Shell gasoline, Ferrari, no rating


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