Thursday, December 02, 2021

The World Is Not Enough movie review

My favorite movie set in Azerbaijan!

Dave's review: The World is Not Enough is Pierce Brosnan's best outing as 007. It is actually a very underrated entry that gets better with repeat viewings. Much of this credit can be given to Sophie Marceau who plays the villainess Electra. You may remember Marceau as the Queen in Braveheart. She is a fine actress and her chemistry with Brosnan's Bond drives this film. What also works in this film is that there are numerous scenes in which you believe Bond is in actual danger, or a tough spot at least. This element was missing from the first two Brosnan movies. The pre credits sequence is astounding, particularly the boat chase outside M16 headquarters. And yes of course there are the inevitable Denise Richards jokes and her name Christmas Jones certainly goes down as one of the worst in the franchise. But Richards wasn't horrible. You just obviously don't buy her as a nuclear scientist.

Dave's grade: B+

TT's review: I'm the kind of person who forgets the plot of a movie or book as soon as I finish it. But this is especially true of this, the most forgettable of Bond films. When I try to remember it, I just remember Baku, oil, and the BMW Z8 on the pier. But after seeing it recently, I realized it should be one of the most memorable because of my love for all things Central Asia and Silk Road. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey all play central roles in this geopolitics thriller. I think Denise Richards really spoiled the movie for everyone. Sophie Marceau was a near dud. But I am really glad they brought Zukovsky back. I like him a lot. And it was sad to see Desmond Llewelyn go.

TT's grade: B

Dave's reaction: It is just amazing seeing Desmond Llewelyn still playing Q ever since From Russia With Love. The truest of legends.

TT's reaction: What were they thinking with Christmas Jones!

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