Saturday, December 11, 2021

December 2021 Milpitas Exotic Cars & Coffee

Today, we checked out another Cars & Coffee, this time in Milpitas (it's a few freeway exits south of the Tesla factory). We thought we would be late, but this Countach arrived late with us. At the long red light, we could literally see the engine get hotter and hotter (the air above it got wavier and wavier).

The vast majority of the cars there were Lamborghinis and McLarens. This Ferrari GT car really stood out.

Everyone, including me, was gawking at this thing. It's apparently a kit car called the Superlite SL-C.

I like it a lot!

There were also a ton of anonymous looking Porsches. This Speedster popped out.

Alas, that Chevy S10 was not the EV version. I get the sense that the same Rivian keeps popping up all over the Bay Area, It's four dudes who probably work for Rivian, showing it off. They floored it at a red light and it was very quick. Very torquey.

No idea what this Ferrari is. I don't think I've ever seen one of these before.

Here's another one next to an iconic Diablo. @slirt tells me it's an SF90 Stradale, The only two older Lamborghinis at the show were this Diablo and that white Countach.

I had to walk back and take another picture of the SL-C.

Funny license plate.

The pedestrian Giulia Quadrifoglio was parked next to an Accord.

We are going to another meet next weekend.

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