Thursday, December 02, 2021

Die Another Day movie review

Could this be the worst Bond film ever?

Dave's review: Die Another Day takes things to a whole new level of awfulness. It features a cartoon plot, laughable dialogue, and mostly phoned in performances with the exception to Rosamund Pike. What's worse is that it tries to be serious by portraying Bond as a broken man due to being tortured in North Korean captivity. Nobody buys it for a minute. Like Tomorrow Never Dies, some of the action sequences are so long they become boring. The ice palace was a pretty cool sight to behold though, and the sword fight was somewhat entertaining. 

Dave's grade: D+

TT's review: This movie aged badly. Everything about this was terrible, except Rosamund Pike's presence. Pierce Brosnan's acting was piss poor. Halle Berry looked like she was acting in front of a green screen with not a single breathing human within 200 feet of her. Michael Madsen as the impatient Bush-era intelligence chief seemed out of place. And don't get me started on that weirdo Zao and his diamond encrusted face. Everything about the movie stunk. Thank gods Daniel Craig is about to swoop in and save the day/franchise.

I used to think Moonraker was the worst Bond film. Not anymore.

TT's grade: D-

Dave's reaction: It's kind of funny to think that this was Rosamund Pike's film debut. So if not for this, we may never have had Gone Girl

TT's reaction: I'll have to go over the past reviews, but this may be the worst Bond film.

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