Sunday, December 05, 2021

December 2021 Marin C&C photos

I had not been to a car show in forever and the boy wanted to go to one. So I found a sort-of-local show (45 minutes away), woke up early, and went. It was worth it. We both had fun.

The first thing we checked out was this dune buggy getting reverse winched out of a travel trailer. The badge said Cox, which appears to be a toy company. Later we saw this buggy wearing huge sunglasses. You read that right.

E28 M5.

FC RX-7.

SWB Land Rover truck. This was my son's favorite car at the show.

Unrestored(?) Corvette.

Celica GT.

Saleen Mustang.

V8-powered Volvo.

1968 Mark II Cortina.

Why does this Aston Martin look so unusual? Is it a hardtop? I don't think I've ever seen one like this. This was my favorite car at the show.

Another rad Mustang.

Dirty 968.

I told my son I learned to drive in one of these. He was distracted by the van.

Another old Merc.

Monza coupe.

This classic was just non-chalantly parked.

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