Thursday, March 10, 2016

Size of states won by Bernie and Hillary

On Tuesday, Bernie finally won a big state-- Michigan. It is the 10th largest state in the country. Polls had him behind by 21 points. It was incredible.

I've listed the states won by each candidate and their ranking in population size. At the end, I've averaged the population ranks.

Iowa (30th)
Nevada (35)
South Carolina (23)
Alabama (24)
Arkansas (33)
Georgia (8)
Massachusetts (15)
Tennessee (17)
Texas (2)
Virginia (12)
Louisiana (25)
Mississippi (32)
Average of 12 States (21.3)

New Hampshire (41st)
Colorado (22)
Minnesota (21)
Oklahoma (28)
Vermont (49)
Kansas (34)
Nebraska (37)
Maine (42)
Michigan (10)
Average of 9 States (31.6)


Alan said...

I knew he'd win Michigan. Northern Midwesterners can smell bullshit. This movement is far from over.

steve-vh said...

Huzzah from MI.