Thursday, March 17, 2016

BMW sales numbers, by model

This is a great graphic from The Economist. My thoughts:

  • Other than the X5, I just don't understand the other Xs, except maybe the X3. But apparently, they're selling a lot of them.
  • I am such a nostalgist. I just want BMW to sell 3-, 5-, and 7-Series. And a few 6s and 8s.
  • What are the "Other models"? The Z3 and Z4?
  • I wonder if BMW "made money" with the Rover purchase, taking into account the value of the Mini brand now.


Pete Dushenski said...

The "other models" would surely include the likes of the i8 and i3 as well.

halifaxf1fan said...

The 4 series has just taken sales from the 3 series.