Monday, March 28, 2016

7 guys I've lent money to

Since 2008, I have been using the microlending site Kiva to lend $25 at a time to entrepreneurs from around the world. After the recipient has repaid in full, I lend the $25 to the next person. I've been burned just once, when the Tajik currency took a tumble. Here are the people I've helped (and their cars):

Salom from Tajikistan

Fayez from Lebanon

Carlos from Bolivia

Faxraddin from Azerbaijan

Wilson from Kenya

Otar from Georgia

Lutfullo from Tajikistan. I took a loss in 2015 when the currency plummeted.

Tirso from Philippines. He has paid 58% of the loan back so far.


Ripituc said...

Love this! And that IZH... did you ask them for pictures with their cars? Or did you choose people with their cars on their pictures, hahaha. I think Kiva is amazing. John Green and his brother also promote it, and I more than once thought about putting money there, but forgot.

Maxichamp said...

@Ripituc: These are their profile pictures. They are all taxi/truck drivers by profession.

Walter R. Moore said...

I'd read about kiva before, and your post spurred me to put some money in, for a farmer in Armenia. "Seed money," if you will.