Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Concours on the Avenue 2012 photos

I spent the day in the Monterey area.  We spent the morning gawking at cars in Carmel.  Then it was a gigantic and tasty lunch at Phil's Fish Market at Moss Landing.  We followed that with Automobilia.  What piqued my interest at the memorabilia show was a one-page, double-sided, color brochure from a Dutch dealership for the Maserati Quattroporte II.  On the reverse side, it had the car's specs in English, French, and Italian.  Alas, at $80, it was too rich for my blood.

This is the walk from our car to the show.  First, a shark for Shark Week.

A Morgan with lots of patina.

One is not like the other.

This Fiat transporter is for sale.

Ur Quattro.


Pan Am Lloyd 600.  2 cylinder engine, 19 hp.

AC Frua:

That there is a 428.

You missed a spot.

There were probably two dozen Cobras on display.

The Fiat transporter again.

Kaiser Darrin.

Merak SS.

My favorite 911 of all time.

Testarossa engine bay.

Lamborghini 350GT.  Very classy.

Islero engine.

Hoodless GT40 being judged.

Two engines.

This Diablo was huge.

BMW-powered Grinnall trike.


John L said...

We have a neighbour with twin V8s in his rod, but they're not side by side.

Maxichamp said...

@John: Cool! Do you have any photos?

John L said...

Might take a while. he's overseas at the moment.