Saturday, August 18, 2012


This may be the most fun car-themed day I have ever had in my life.  There will be lots of photos and commentary for days to come.  Today, I:

  • set a record driving from home to Monterey;
  • attended Cars & Coffee;
  • strolled through a used car lot that had a Quattroporte III and an RX-4;
  • participated in the Concours/Tour d'Lemons, where I was interviewed by Motorweek and had a great conversation with a German automotive journalist;
  • drove an Aston Martin V8 Vantage S;
  • strolled through Pebble Beach and saw a Porsche 928 shooting brake and a Rothmans 911 rally car;
  • drove a BMW 640i Gran Coupe (claustrophobic);
  • drove a Hyundai Equus (underwhelming); and
  • saw tons and tons of exotica, including three FFs, a Lamborghini 400GT, a Pagani Zonda,....