Monday, June 18, 2012

Trade in woolly mammoth tusk ivory

Mammoth tusk necklace

With the ban on elephant ivory, Siberians are making a killing harvesting tusks from mammoths.  There are 150 million TONS of tusks buried in the permafrost.  And with global warming, more and more are popping up everyday.  Here is a fascinating 2-minute news piece on what carvers have been able to do with them.


Unknown said...

And they are proud of it? These tusks should be protected as they were! Mammoths are never comming back, while elephants are sometimes killed on purpouse by authorities because of overpopulation.

(BTW, is the cloned Mammoth, that was supposedly a possibility from hair found on permafrost, ever going to happen?

Maxichamp said...

@Viva: Our minds are one! I was debating whether to include in the post a link about cloning mammoths.

ardas said...

These carvings are amazing but they should left tusks right where they are. They should carve in natural stone or wood.