Friday, June 08, 2012

Free Stella Artois chalice offer

First of all, has anyone gotten a free chalice?  Is it real/authentic?  Or does it look/feel like a cheap knock-off?

Second, a confession.  I used to drink Stella all the time because, quite simply, I liked it.  Then, several years ago, as a result of a merger, Stella was heavily promoted in the States and sales proliferated.  Because everyone started drinking it, I stupidly stopped drinking it.  So essentially, I'm like this guy from Portlandia.


F1Outsider said...

The joke at the office is that only wife beaters drink Stella. Not sure why, never bothered to look it up.

Never tried it myself. It's probably better than any mainstream American beer though.

Alan said...

I like Stella too. It's not fantastic but it's better than other quick n easy choices.

Also, hipster trash :P