Saturday, June 09, 2012

June 2012 Seconds Saturdays photos

Talk about diversity: Japanese, Swedish, American, British, Australian, Japanese, French, German,...

This Honda scooter mit homemade sidecar got a lot of laughs.  I'm convinced that black seat used to be an office chair.

2004 Indian-made Royal Enfield

2011 Ural.  Apparently, when off-roading, it can be switched to two wheel drive (the rear bike wheel and the sidecar wheel).

Merc with a 7 liter Ford engine.  Note the 6.9 badge on the grill.

Tim's Citroen.

I really need to dust that engine bay.

Rchen's E30 M3 in front of a 1937 Chevy school bus.

Before buses were required to be yellow, they were Omaha Orange.

My wife fell in love with this Ami 8 at Concours d'Lemons.

I couldn't quite capture the Lotus's trick rear diffuser.

Light and not so light.

This is Scandanavian Flick's 6 liter GTO.  He took the cover off because the fuel line (see where the yellow sticker is) would rest on it and often catch fire.  I also learned that Australian-made cars' VINs start with 6.

Saab Sonnett.

The SM was very popular.


Edvin said...

I'm so envious of these meetings. Looks like a pretty good way to spend a Saturday. :)

mtc said...

^^^ this. time to move to california.

Lukas said...

Three things:

1) "dust" your engine bay? Really?

2) I like these small, boutique meets you seem to have over there.

3) Why are all your road pavements so cracked? Doesn't even snow there (does it)?

Maxichamp said...

@Lukas: 1) At least wipe the dust off. :) 2) The monthly meet is growing in size and very different from the other meets. 3) California has some neglected streets. Our infrastructure is collapsing. Kinda like the Fall of Rome.

Lukas said...

Re dusting: I was alluding to the non-masculine-ness of this activity. If you were using a pressure cleaner or air compressor on the other hand.....

Then again, probably best not to point a pressure cleaner anywhere near the popemobile. All those lectrics and whatnot.

Meant to add a #4 - I also always like poking around the back of an enthusiast-owned workshop: always some dusty projects back there.