Saturday, May 26, 2012

Russian Far East road trip: Yakutsk to Chukotka

Am reading Travels in Siberia.  Had no idea that you can take a chartered flight from Nome and hop to Chukotka. This is the easternmost part of Russia, on the western edge of the Bering Strait.  There's mining,...and that's about it.  Not much is written about it.  In fact, of the dozens of books I've read about the Russian Far East, only two other books mention Chukotka.  One is Siberian Dawn.  The other is Farley Mowat's The Siberians

This is a video of a bunch of dudes in three Nissan Patrols and a Toyota FJ who drive from Yakutsk to Anadyr, which is quite a feat.  

Loading the Patrols in Moscow for train journey to Yakutsk:

Yakutsk and heavy mining equipment:

Prepping the trucks in Yakutsk:

Freezing weather, derelict towns, I want to go to there:

Magadan, and a rollover:

World's northernmost nuclear power plant:


Beyond Hoth:

If I had mechanical skills, winter driving skills, off-road driving skills, $100,000, no family, Russian fluency, and two months off, I could totally do this:

The final stretch:

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