Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nurburgring 24: #89 Derichs Rennwagen e.V. Audi A8

This has got to be the most out-of-place car in the race right now.

It's got the W12 engine, Quattro, an automatic transmission, power steering, Porsche 996 brakes, wood paneling, and weighs a trim 1,650 kilos (3,600 pounds).  The strategy is zero to one tire change for the entire race!  I'll bet these guys will be the least fatigued after the race.


Edvin said...

Sounds like fun. How'd they do?

Maxichamp said...

@Edvin: With a little over 8 hours left, they're around 115th. Not bad. They beat Heidfeld and the Gemballa McLaren even!

Alan said...

That is amazing. 3400 pounds is not much at all for such a large car, must be the aluminum construction.