Monday, May 28, 2012

California Ford Falcon XB

A huge thanks to reader Brendan for letting me check out and ride in (!) this Beast.  Look for a full write-up on Hooniverse, where I'll be nominating it for Hooniverse Car of the Year. 


Lukas said...


He didn't let you drive it?

Maxichamp said...

@Lukas: I had to check an Australian dictionary online to find out what "grouse" meant. :)

I couldn't handle that car. It was a handful. It was a pleasure simply to sit on the wrong side, listen to the loud V8 rumble, and smell the gasoline vapor.

Speaking of which, how is your fleet doing?

Lukas said...


Sadly, the fleet has grown: now have a 450SE as well, purchased by "accident". Recently dismantled another 450SE, mainly to get a bumper for the first one (I know, I'm doing it wrong).

The 6.9s are getting as little attention as ever. This weekend looks good for a blast around the countryside.

John L said...

Looks to be in fairly good nick.

Anonymous said...

Is that rear spoiler on backwards?

John L said...

It looks it doesn't it.