Sunday, March 14, 2010

Safari Top Sites feature ruins my Sunday

As I woke up today, wondering how I lost an hour, I purposely avoided finding out who won the Bahrain GP.  I didn't check my email.  I didn't listen to the radio or watch TV.  I didn't check Google Reader.  I read the local news instead on the net.

I planned to sit down with my breakfast and watch the race on my Tivo.

But then, this happens.  I click on the Top Sites feature on my Safari browser, a sort of reflex of mine.  On the home pages of the New York Times, Le Blog Auto, and the Hungarian site Stipistop, they all show Felipe Massa's mug.  Oy, I wonder who won.


F1Outsider said...

I just watch every race live, no matter what time it airs. When I can't for reasons beyond my control, such as the tape-delay fox broadcasts, I just avoid any type of media altogether. Not that I haven't been burned before.

Maxichamp said...

The Massa pics were obviously about how he made a comeback from injury, not about him winning.

But that made watching the race even more awful. All the way until the last corner, I wondered how Alonso was going to lose the race and allow Massa to catch up.